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Immigration Physicals


Primary Care Center & Sports Medicine Clinic located in Santa Clara, CA

Applying for citizenship or permanent residency in the United States requires an immigration physical. At ParikhHealth in Santa Clara, California, Sapna Rajput, DO, offers immigration physicals. Sapna Rajput, D.O. has extensive experience in immigration exams and will provide a thorough, seamless, and easy process for you. To schedule your physical exam, call the friendly practice today at 408-266-3100 or use the online scheduling tool, https://intakeq.com/booking/tnj50f,  to book your appointment.

Immigration Physicals Q&A

What are immigration physicals?

To receive your United States citizenship, you’re required to have an immigration medical examination. Its purpose is to protect the health of the American population.

Your appointment involves a review of your medical history and your vaccinations. The providers at ParikhHealth will assess your mental and physical health, conduct a physical exam, and order blood work as needed.

How do I prepare for my immigration physical?

Before you come in for your exam, you need to fill out the I-693 application from the USCIS website. Your doctor can instruct you on when you need to sign the required paperwork.

Documents you need to bring include:

-I-693 form with your information filled out and your name filled out on the top of every page.

-Government-issued driver’s license or passport

-Prior immunization records

Your provider fills out the correct portion of your application and seals your original documents in an envelope for USCIS, which should remain sealed. You will receive a copy of your paperwork via email.

What can I expect at my immigration physical?

Your provider screens you for certain medical conditions that are relevant to United States immigration law. Your appointment includes the following:

  • Physical exam
  • Required paperwork
  • Required signatures
  • Review of immunizations
  • Ordering of lab work as needed

During your physical exam, your doctor observes your eyes, ears, heart, lungs, abdomen, lymph nodes, skin, and extremities. 

The team at Parikhhealth will make your process seamless and easy. 

To book your immigration physical, call the office at ParikhHealth today or book your appointment online on this website. Families can be seen together during the same appointment time. 

How long with it take for my I693 packet to be completed?

Generally, the packet will be completed in 7-10 business days. It will take 3-5 days for us to get the results of the blood work. 

What is the cost of the immigration physical?

Your immigration physical will be $275 (this includes the evaluation and examination by Dr. Sapna Rajput, physical exam, review of labs and immunizations, completed I-693 form in a sealed envelope, and a digital copy sent to you via email).

You can email us a support@parikhhealth or text/call us at 408-266-3100 for any further questions.