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Concierge Medicine


Primary Care Center & Sports Medicine Clinic located in Santa Clara, CA

Concierge medicine allows you to stay focused on your health with an affordable membership plan. At ParikhHealth in Sunnyvale, California, you can have personalized care and direct access to Neesheet Parikh, DO. To learn more, call the friendly practice today or schedule your consultation using the convenient online booking tool.

Concierge Medicine Q&A

What is concierge medicine?

The concierge medicine model offers the highest level of medical services for you, providing direct access to your provider when you participate in a membership plan.

Concierge medicine prioritizes your relationship with your doctor, allowing you to experience longer appointments without feeling rushed. When you have a membership plan, you can experience improved health outcomes and lower your overall health care costs. 

What does concierge medicine include?

At ParikhHealth, services include:

  • Physicals
  • Preventive screenings
  • Lab orders
  • Coordination and management of your care
  • Increased access to your doctor

In some cases, insurance may be accepted. Talk to your provider at ParikhHealth about the details regarding your specific concierge medicine plan.

What are the benefits of concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine can benefit your health care and quality of life in many ways, including:

A personal relationship with your provider

When you have a membership plan with your provider at ParikhHealth, your doctor gets to know you well. They understand your medical conditions and give you the highest level of care possible that results in successful outcomes. You also experience a level of attention that most doctors can’t give in standard practices due to the number of patients they have.

Personalized care

Concierge medicine offers you customized, personal care. The patient-centered focus gives you a hassle-free experience when making appointments, which can be especially helpful if you’re an elderly person or have a chronic condition that needs to be managed.

Shorter wait time

With concierge medicine, you don’t have to wait days or weeks to get an appointment. You can have a same-day appointment with your doctor, and your communication — whether via email or phone — can give you access to care quickly.

Time with your doctor

Because concierge medicine keeps a low patient load, we give you more time and focus during your visits. Whether you need to come into the practice for an appointment or talk with us over the phone, you can be confident that you can have a quality conversation without it getting cut short.

To sign up with Dr. Parikh to join his Personal Wellness Program, please click here.