At ParikhHealth, we use modern technology with a human connection to empower you to be the best you can be.  

You are important to us and we know you are important to those you care about.   Let’s work together and make a difference!

ParikhHealth started off when Dr. Parikh found himself taking care of CEOs/Founders from some of the top Silicon Valley companies and startups. 

He saw that there was a special need to care for people that were always on the go and that were in very high-stress positions.

“It became crucial and clear to me that I needed to create a practice for patients who had demanding lifestyles and wanted my personalized medical care and coaching.”

- Dr. Neesheet Parikh

Meet The ParikhHealth Family

Miral Patel

Director of Physical Therapy

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Audrey Wong

Certified Massage Therapist.

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Nikisha Saludares

Physical Therapy Aide

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Ai Nguyen

Director of Lifestyle Medicine

Life and Wellness Coach

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Josh Entrekin,


Practice Manager

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Megha Patel

Medical Assistant

Allergy Technician

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