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Welcome to Lifestyle Concierge Medicine!

Our, Lifestyle Concierge Medicine program is designed to give you more energy, vitality and the framework to a better healthier life.

We work with you one on one to go in-depth into your mental and physical health. We sit with you to understand your current lifestyle and take you on the journey to educate and empower to make sustainable and visible changes.

Our patients have seen results in improved mood, increased energy, decreased weight, improved blood pressure, improved sex life, increase self confidence, better sleep and improved relationships just to name a few.

We will start this journey off by gathering of data. Next, going through the data and making a personalized plan for you that works with your current life situation.

We will follow you, track you and make sure we are making the gains we are looking for.  As we build upon your health profile year after year, we start to see risk factors change, we can intervene early in disease management and really work to prevent disease.

Our goal is to change your care from reactive to truly preventive!

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Dr. Neesheet Parikh, DO

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Neesheet Parikh, DO