Why I created

Lifestyle Medicine

in my practice

I feel the same frustration in so many people who need the approval of their insurance company to get the health care that they truly need and deserve.  Preventative measures and self care is pushed aside because of the hassle that you experience from the moment you become sick and...


......you're left wondering if you should go to the doctor or not because you don't know if it will be covered or not or worry about your deductible. 

I want to give you a unique experience where I get to give you all the attention you need, and as much time as you need to speak your mind and get the coaching you need to achieve your goals.

Unlike a traditional medical practice, our concierge model affords extra time for me to understand you, your lifestyle, and your current health through consultations, comprehensive screenings, and non-judgmental health + life coaching to optimize your health, and quality of life. 


This program, my friend, is smooth sailing.


It's me holding your hand and being there for you 300% any moment you or your family needs me.  If you are emotionally exhausted, I'm here to listen and bring you answers. 


If you are in pain, I will see you today or tomorrow.  Let's resolve it now, and not someday.  Quality of life starts with a choice to proactively invest in your well-being.


I get the Rat Race living in Silicon Valley.   The stress from moving so fast and not having the time for your self care is leading to depression, obesity, or diseases.  


I also get that each one of us need to be HEARD and UNDERSTOOD and that's why I created this type of medicine.



This medicine is all about focusing on the WHOLE YOU 

so you don't fall sick to diseases or live in emotional and physical pain.   It's about giving all aspects of your health the attention that it needs to thrive.


I will coach you on how you can move forward with your health and not get stuck. I hate that feeling and I know you do too.  We will work together to optimize your body and mind through lifestyle changes so you can lead your relationship, family, team, or company effectively.  


You can ultimately deliver the best you for your work, family, and friends. The superior level of service in this program is so you can savor your time now on this earth, and not someday.


If you feel connected to this program,  apply for a health breakthrough session to find out how to become a member and how to invest in your health.

We get to Give You All the Attention You Deserve through our Care.



Silicon Valley Doc

-Dr. Neesheet Parikh

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