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The Doc Explains it Best...


Primary Care

- the perk that anyone could have but don't know about.

Direct Primary Care... Who is it for?  Anyone.

Uninsured, high deductible or "crappy insurance" and need medical care.

Want to offer your employees a great health Perk.

For your parents who are visiting from out of the country.

It's for you if your employer doesn't offer you health insurance.

Are a contractor that does not get health insurance, but you want primary care.

It's for you if you want a flexible way of being cared for.

Your Investment:

$900/year  (only $75/mo)

We are currently offering a discount for early sign ups:


Sign Up Here and get

Discount Code for $300 off:  getcovered

$600/year with discount code (only $50/mo)



Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Does my health insurance pay for this?    

No, this is not connected to any health insurance.  


2.  Will this price stay the same?

This plan is limited to a certain amount of patients.  We will close this offer or put you on a waiting list once it is filled.  

3. Is this Lifestyle Medicine?

This is not the same plan as Lifestyle Medicine, you can learn more about this plan here.

Sign Up Here and get

Discount Code for $300 off:  getcovered


$600/year with discount code

(only $50/mo)


12 months of Benefits:

  • The investment is a fixed cost, no additional fees involved

  • More ways to communicate with your doctor

  • Check in, be roomed. No insurance verifications needed

  • No Co-Pays, Deductibles, Co-Insurance

  • Better, stronger doctor patient relationship

  • 70-80% of care can be done without needing to come to office:  care through video or phone

  • Use of technology to enhance care


DPC Covers:

  • All Office Visits with Dr. Parikh Primary Care, Sports Medicine

  • Annual Physical- Men, Women and Children

  • Well Women Exams*

  • E-mail, Phone calls, Video Conference

  • Office Procedures- Biopsies, EKG, Ear Lavage, etc.

*For Non- DPC Covered Services We Can bill insurance or provide discounted cash prices.

  • Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment, Physical Therapy, Medication, Blood Work, Immunizations, Massage, Physical Therapy, Fitness Training, Blood Work, PRP, Anything outside our office, Biopsy sample/PAP sample is send out to Lab