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Primary Care

Direct Primary Care... Who is it for?

Uninsured, high deductible or "crappy insurance" and need medical care.

Want to offer your employees a great health Perk.

For your parents who are visiting from out of the country.

It's for you if your employer doesn't offer you health insurance.

Are a contractor that does not get health insurance, but you want primary care.

It's for you if you want a flexible way of being cared for.

Your Investment:

$900/year  (only $75/mo)

We are currently offering a discount for early sign ups:

Discount Code for $300 off:  getcovered

$600/year with discount code

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***This plan is limited to a certain amount of patients.  We will close this offer or put you on a waiting list once it is filled.  

**** This is not the same plan as Lifestyle Medicine, you can learn more about this plan here: https://www.parikhhealth.com/lifestyle-medicine


12 months of Benefits:

  • The investment is a fixed cost, no additional fees involved

  • More ways to communicate with your doctor

  • Check in, be roomed. No insurance verifications needed

  • No Co-Pays, Deductibles, Co-Insurance

  • Better, stronger doctor patient relationship

  • 70-80% of care can be done without needing to come to office.

  • Use of technology to enhance care


DPC Covers:

  • All Office Visits with Dr. Parikh Primary Care, Sports Medicine

  • Annual Physical- Men, Women and Children

  • Well Women Exams*

  • E-mail, Phone calls, Video Conference

  • Office Procedures- Biopsies, EKG, Ear Lavage, etc.

*Non- DPC Covered Services- We Can bill insurance or discounted cash prices.

  • Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment, Physical Therapy, Medication, Blood Work, Immunizations, Massage, Physical Therapy, Fitness Training, Blood Work, PRP, Anything outside our office, Biopsy sample/PAP sample is send out to Lab