Transform your Health + Life

with Personalized Care

and Coaching for You and Your Family through

Lifestyle Medicine

Yes! I want to transform my life and health through personalized care and coaching. Apply Here 

"Dr. Parikh is different

from ALL other doctors I've seen.

It's not like meeting a doctor, it's like chatting with a trusted family member- that is the level of comfort and attention you receive. 


Lifestyle Medicine has helped me identify the cause of health issues and ways to treat it without medication wherever possible.  I have benefited greatly by joining his Lifestyle medicine program - getting holistic help to address health issues.


Physical and mental health go hand in hand. Working with Ai has helped me develop mental toughness as well. Both Dr. Parikh and Ai are in sync, so workouts, diet and health are matched/balanced which helps you get stronger and healthier, not stopping at just recovering.


And they help you make ways to do the same at home. The care doesn't stop once you leave their office. They are extremely supportive and motivating (and available!). 


It's an easy one stop shop to achieve a fuller & happier life. Thank you for making me stronger …I could write a book about my experience here!”



-A Grateful and Anonymous Patient, Santa Clara

Why Lifestyle Medicine is an important part of your health journey?
According to American College of Lifestyle Medicine "80% or more of all healthcare spending in the U.S. is tied to the treatment of conditions rooted in poor lifestyle choices. Chronic diseases and conditions—such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, multiple types of cancer—are among the most common, costly and preventable of all health conditions."


Let Me Ask You 

A Few Things

Are you getting personalized care and attention for your physical, mental, emotional health?

Have you been to a non-judgmental space where you felt listened to with all your concerns and ambitions?

Are your loved ones experiencing the best you from your self care?

Is long term health , wellness, and happiness important to you?  

Click here to learn more about our Lifestyle  Medicine....

-Dr. Neesheet Parikh, DO

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Family + Sports Medicine

CEO of ParikhHealth


 "Give You All the Attention You Deserve through our Care"

I feel the same frustration in so many people...

The stress from moving so fast and not having the time for your self care is leading to depression, obesity, or diseases.   ....Read More

So what can you expect when you take action and become a member of Lifestyle Medicine?


              A decade of my experience working with high level executives, founders, and elite athletes to give them the best care and coaching is now being passed over to you so can receive the best too.



              High level coaching : support, accountability, and the right system dedicated to your success.  This gives you the space to take massive action for your life instead of just going to someone to vent about your problems and get no solutions.   



               A lifestyle change with my care and coaching.  I can write prescriptions for you, but what's even better is I can give you steps to holistically heal you and make you stronger instead of covering up your pains and struggles.     

Ready to thrive in health and life? How do you get started?  

1.  Lifestyle Medicine is your own personal investment to your health,

and is not dependent on health insurance. Health insurance does not cover this membership. 

2.  In order to provide superior level of service and give all the attention on you, our Lifestyle Medicine practice has a limited membership. We accept serious individuals who truly want to optimize their health and well being.   

3.  Apply for complimentary Health Breakthrough Session with our Lifestyle Medicine Director, Ai Nguyen, to learn your goals and vision for your health, what's holding you back, and how to move forward. 

4. From the Health Breakthrough Session, we will find out if this is the right fit for you.   If it is the right fit, we will provide the price to match with  your needs.

- Dr. Neesheet Parikh

Yes! I want to transform my life and health through personalized care and coaching. Apply Here for a

Breakthrough Session.

Our Lifestyle Medicine is Independent of Insurance 



Whether you have insurance or not, you pay the same flat fee (with no copays) for your care through this membership. 


Health insurance does not cover this membership.  


We highly recommend you still keep or get healthcare insurance. 

Members may use their insurance to complement with our care and coaching for things like specialist visits, hospitalizations, ongoing medications, and blood work.  

We will keep you taken care of by referring you to specialist within your network.


By creating a membership based program, more time is spent on you and less time on administrative and billing/insurance issues.  Time is precious and we'd rather put our energy on YOU.

What is not covered under our lifestyle medicine?


  • Blood work

  • Physical therapy

  • Massage therapy

  • Medications

  • Pathology, biopsies,  anything sent out to labs 

  • MRI’s, Ultrasounds, imaging studies

  • Anything not done in our office


***You can get some of these services at a discounted price through us.   To help pay of the costs we can bill the services to your insurance

Imagine if you were a valuable car,


you would do anything to prevent it from breaking down or getting into an accident.   Your car insurance would kick in when it gets into an accident.


Health insurance doesn’t kick in to help you maintain your body in the most optimal way.  It doesn’t care for you before you get injured or sick. 



We do the proactive things that your health insurance doesn’t care to think of or want to cover.

Our Lifestyle Medicine is transforming that paradigm.  We care for you in all aspects and moments in your life so you don't have to struggle.  Because we know how valuable you are.  

We're taking care of you before you fall sick to disease. 


You and Your Family

We believe that our care not only impacts you, but the dynamic of your family around health, healing, nutrition, goals, lifestyle, and much more.


We love caring for the family because we can align everyone’s health under one roof.  Consistency and communication is what make our relationship with our patient membership strong.

You and Your Spouse

We find that couples who are working towards the same health goals and understanding, will succeed together. Allow us to provide the coaching and care to give you and your spouse a healthy, loving, and intimate relationship with each other. 


We believe in coaching couples through new changes in their life like marriages and self care while having newborns.

You and Yourself

You have our time and attention.  Take a deep breath and let us get to know you. Our care will help you transform not only you in your health, but in sports, relationships, and life. Our patients come from diverse backgrounds, health needs, and lifestyles.

We understand the type of care you need has to be convenient and designed to support you in a fast-paced and demanding lifestyle.

You are here because...

You want more accessibility, quality time, and attention with your personal doctor to go over all your concerns, reduce your stressors, and to receive expert knowledge and all possible solutions.  

You are sick of being sick so often and you want to get out of your disease state: diabetes, cancers, heart disease, etc.  You are  ready to get unstuck and start reducing your pills with our guidance and coaching. 

You’re an entrepreneur and you want personalized care to manage your stress and self care so you can get back on track to excelling in growing your startup.

You’re a busy leader who wants the quality care from a doctor who can make the time for you and your family given your unique lifestyle and family dynamic.

You are athletic and you want us to take care of your injuries with our sports medicine expertise and take your game to the next level.

You want a type of health care which understands the food choices of your culture and how to enhance your nutrition so you can transform your body.

You're looking to get not only quality  treatment, but you want health and lifestyle coaching to thrive in your life, work, and relationships.

You want to incorporate holistic ways to heal to so you come back stronger than ever.  You are determined to take power back into your hands and not let stress take over you.  

You want a safe and empowered space to discuss sex and intimacy with your doctor.   You want help and coaching to maintain a healthy  and intimate relationship with your spouse.


 Lifestyle Medicine 

focuses on nutrition, behavior and habit changes, relationships, exercise, sleep, and stress management to optimize your health and life.   We are taking care of you before you fall sick to disease.


Our Lifestyle Medicine combined with a unique relationship-based practice is based on an annual membership fee designed to provide better access + personalized attention + and first class medical services and coaching to individuals and families who want to improve their lifestyle and  achieve a Quality of Life.   

1 year annual membership to be under Dr. Parikh's medical care and coaching.


Benefits, Services, Your Investment

From the Health Breakthrough Session, we will find out if this is the right fit for you.   If it is the right fit, we will provide the price to match with  your needs.


1. Each member may have up to 1 full hour of undivided attention for medical care and coaching with Dr. Parikh: at our office, through phone, or video conferencing. Get proactive care and coaching while you are here or traveling.  


2. Focus on 6 Areas to improve health through Lifestyle Medicine: stress management, increase sleep, exercise, nutrition, relationships, good habits.


3. Life, Lifestyle, Relationship, Health Coaching.  Sexual health counseling.


4. 2 hours of Detailed Executive Physical (head to toe exam, inside and outside) + Wellness Plan/Nutrition/Meal Plan


5. Giving you the right support, accountability, and motivation. Lifestyle and Accountability Coaching calls. Continuous support throughout the year to meet goals and optimize health + life.


6. Memberships covers use of all services that is provided by Dr. Parikh within the office:  men’s and women’s exams, biopsy, extremity X-ray, joint injections, spirometry for lung health, cancer screening, wearable date review, specialist referrals, discounted blood word and medications, exam + treatment of sports injuries (Physical Therapy not included).


7.  We can integrate and communicate with your Primary physician, specialists, or other health practitioners and coaches that your are currently using to support you all of your needs. 

Lifestyle Medicine General Details and Coverage: 

If you are ready for compassionate care and you're ready to be heard,

you may request a consultation.



“Dr. Parikh is a brilliant, humble, intelligent, and hard working doctor.   He cares for the whole family and goes above and beyond to figure out what would be the best for me and my family. He makes proactive recommendations that surpasses the traditional ways of medicine to help us.  As a doctor and as his patient, I trust his judgement.  Without hesitation, I absolutely encourage families in the Bay Area to seek his Concierge Medicine practice for their care.”

Dr. Rekha Manghnani, MD



One of the greatest doctors of all time.  He applies a hybrid of high tech with high touch to change the lives of his patients. Dr. Parikh is someone who is born to be a doctor, born to be a healer. He's cared for family member of mine, and helped through some difficult times and I am forever grateful for him.  


I trained and observed him first hand in this medical training, and honestly he is the best of the best. He happened to recognize that early his life that gaining a medical degree in osteopathic medicine is going to leverage his personality. Dr. Parikh, who I have known for over 10 years, is an excellent doctor who based his life and relationships on family, community, and virtue.  

Dr. Gregory A. Pecchia, DO

Eisenhower Medical Center:

35 years of Family and Geriatric Medicine


"When I'm in town I always go for an back adjustment with Dr. Parikh.  I've got an Osteopath where I live, but I've had even better results with ParikhHealth.  They also saw me when I flew into town and realized my blood pressure was too high.  The online booking process is great, and he's always adding new technology to help his patients more, and to save costs.  I recommend him to everyone."

Wendy Warren

Co-Owner of Chromatic Cafe

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Hours of operation 

Working hours are between 9am-4pm.

Members please text or email your doctor personally.

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