Ai Nguyen

Director of Lifestyle Medicine

Life and Wellness Coach

Ai's high level coaching helps purpose-driven high-achievers, entrepreneurs, and executives up-level themselves -> 10X their value -> THRIVE by creating their best self.

As an online Life Coach and also the Director of Lifestyle Medicine at ParikhHealth, Ai is the catalyst for people to receive healing, embrace their emotional intelligence, experience transformations, and gain personal freedom.

As an executive once told her “To say you have grace, is to say the Pacific Ocean is damp....Thank you for your coaching, charisma, wonderful attitude. You are an absolute pleasure to interact with.” She showed him how servant leadership, empathy, and compassionate listening can change his relationships.

From traumas, hardships, burnout, failures, to breakthroughs, reinvention of her SELF, and successes, Ai’s experiences gave her the mindset and opportunity to empower others in taking quantum leaps and becoming their very best and authentic self.

"We all have the power to overcome our fears and make decisions through courage. Achieving personal freedom starts with inspired action."

-Ai Nguyen

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