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Ai Nguyen

Director of Lifestyle Medicine

Health, Life, Fitness Coach

Ai received her degree from came from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri for Fashion Design.   She was actually a Midwesterner who moved to the Bay Area over a decade ago.   After working in the fashion/apparel industry, she realized that the high stress was the main cause of her illnesses, digestive issues, back pains, and high anxiety.  


She left that career to heal herself and find her calling in health and wellness.  Now, at Parikh Health, she's building the Lifestyle Medicine practice to help patients who want to optimize their health life and reverse their pains. 


"My biggest WHY to the work I do now is that I don't want to see people suffer when I know that there are answers and resources available to them.   That's why I dedicate my time and my life to guide others into becoming stronger and happier.   

She believes that anyone can transform their health and life situation if they are willing to.  A strong mindset can move a person from fear to courage.   It's been her passion to guide people and she loves doing so by coaching others.  

In her free time, she likes to do weight and strength training, read books, and attend conferences to improve her knowledge.  Yes, she's into Tony Robbins and Brendan Burchard for self development and peak performance.  She likes to sing karaoke, eat, move.  She's always thinking of innovative ideas to impact the world.  Lastly, she loves spending time with her husband Dave.     

For a Health Breakthrough Session or a Complimentary Fitness Session with her, please feel free to contact her at :